Seth Goldin Student Developer & Data Scientist
Hi 👋, I'm Seth!

I'm a student developer in the FAU Max Planck Academy currently studying data science 💹 with a focus on neuroscience 🧠. I love to create things — from websites and apps, to robotics or visual arts, I have pursued my passion to make something from nothing in several areas.

I'm fascinated by technology and how it can impact the areas of education ✏️ and medicine 🩺. I also enjoy running 🏃.

Get in touch via email, or view my resume!

GoldinWebDesign Img GoldinWebDesign Github: GoldinWebDesign

Launched after recognizing the need for reasonably priced, attractive yet functional websites in my community, this freelance web development business has allowed me to merge my programming skills and visual arts background to great effect. Built over a dozen websites for medical professionals and small businesses.

HTML Javascript Cloudflare TailwindCSS Bootstrap

MyGrades Img SwiftGrade Github: MyGrades

Developed an app for students to easily access grade information in Palm Beach County. The app is officially approved by the School District of Palm Beach County Technology Clearinghouse Committee and featured in my school newspaper, supporting around 180 schools and 7000 users.

Flutter Dart Bloc Sentry Scraping OneSignal

CollegeCompendium Img CollegeComp Github: CollegeCompendium

Built an open-source nonprofit platform to share high-quality, accessible computer science resources from top colleges with intellectually curious students across the world. Was featured on Morning Brew and reached #4 on Product Hunt with over 1000 resources compiled and 70000 students reached in 179 countries.

React Typescript TailwindCSS Vercel Scraping JSON

Catalyst Img Catalyst Github: Catalyst

Created a fully customizable open-source video-chat component for developers to integrate into their applications quickly and easily. Powering several other student projects including Hours, which by itself drives several thousand meetings a week.

React WebRTC Socket.IO Typescript Netlify

MusicWithAMaster Img MusicWithAMaster Github: MusicWithAMaster

Developed a platform to support professional musicians unable to perform publicly during the difficult times of Covid19 by connecting them with passionate students desiring to learn and share their love of music.

WordPress Vultr PHP MX Servers Linux

Ideastorm Img Ideastorm Github: Ideastorm

Built a full MERN-stack site for people to share and find ideas, with the goal of eventually having a collective hive-mind of human potential that anyone can contribute to. Read more about the thought process behind it here.

React Next.JS DigitalOcean Vercel MongoDB

ReadTogether Img ReadTogether Github: ReadTogether

Created a platform for literacy programs focusing on elementary-aged children to take place virtually during Covid-19. Designed an interface that allowed for split-screen reading and video call in sync. Worked with Little Smiles, the PBC Library, and Boys Town to utilize the site.

React Typescript TailwindCSS Catalyst Vercel

ReadMe Img ReadMe Github: ReadMe

Published a book recommendation system using a combination of collaborative and content-based filtering, powered by around 14 million user ratings from Amazon and GoodReads. Deployed an API to generate the recommendations as well as a custom user interface.

Python Jupyter Heroku Surprise SVD

TopDeckedTools Img TopDeckedTools Github: TopDeckedTools

Worked on several features through an internship with @LincolnThree for TopDecked, a platform aiming to bring the best tech to the gaming industry. Gained experience in web frameworks, pipelines, and data science tasks such as creating a K-means clustering implementation in TS.

Ionic5 Angular Typescript K-means K-means++

PearDrop Img PearDrop Github: PearDrop

Sending a file from one place to another is difficult and frustrating, usually requiring you to send an email to yourself. Created a cross-platform file-transfer application in Flutter using a custom protocol to allow for simple and efficient file transfer when you really need it.

Flutter Dart C++ Cross-Platform Kotlin

Redoku Img Redoku Github: UltimateRegexResource

Created a regular expressions sudoku app for a Google DSC Regex event I presented. Enabled participants of the presentation to learn the syntax of regular expressions and improve their comprehension through fun and engaging randomly generated sudoku puzzles.

React Native Regex Expo Typescript XCode

FindSpines Img FindSpines Github: FindSpines

Created a web interface to automate the annotating of dendritic spines in images using Faster Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks (Faster RCNNs) and TensorFlow Object Detection. Deployed an API and designed an intuitive drag-and-drop layout.

Python Tensorflow Jupyter Faster RCNN AWS
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